Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

There are two that are very popular search engine optimization strategies: black hat and white hat SEO. The two methods are essentially polar opposites, so there are times where one technique may be more appropriate than the other. Before you decide to use either, there are many considerations to keep in mind. These include the type of website you have and what kind of reputation you’d like to keep.

Black Hat SEO

In general, you only want to consider using “black hat” SEO techniques if you’re more interested in making a quick money on your website. This is not a strategy for the long-term. Since many black hat techniques go against search engine algorithms and standards, some of them can be a bit risky–just as a fair warning to you.


One of the most telling characteristics of black hat SEO is that of hidden text. It’s meant to boost search engine rankings but isn’t visible by website visitors. Instead, the text may be incorporated into the website’s page coding so that the search engine algorithms pick up on it. Another tactic commonly used in black hat SEO is the use of link farms. In other words, other websites registered by the same site owner that link back to the target site. Again, this is a risky practice that will likely work only in the short-term.

White Hat SEO

For website owners looking to obey the rules of search engine algorithms, there’s always white hat SEO as explained on These methods are less frowned upon and are more likely to help your website in the long run.

One of the most popular methods used in white hat SEO is that of guest blogging. This involves having somebody from another website or blog write a bit of content for you on a regular basis. This enables you to diversify while still helping boost your search engine results. Another method used in white hat SEO is focusing on quality content over content that’s stuffed with keywords.