Fast Sale on the Open Market

Achieving a fast house sale from the open market in Calgary can be tricky and require more of your time than you might like. This is however, usually the best way to achieve the highest sale price for the property. Many people have already attempted to make a sale in this way prior to contacting us and have grown frustrated by the time and effort it takes. In some cases we will purchase the property from them and in other cases we will offer simple advice to speed up the process. With this in mind, here are some of key tips to sell your house fast Calgary (find more info here:

Prepare the property. Preparing the property will not only aid a fast sale on the open market it will also help you achieve a higher price for your property. Take an honest look at your house (as if you were a buyer) and make a list of any DIY jobs that a buyer would notice. A property will be of interest to more people if they believe they can move straight in and without need to decorate. With this in mind complete the work needed and make the property appeal to a wide range of tastes by keeping everything neutral. The next step is a deep clean. This is not said with the assumption that the house is not clean, it is simply easier to do one major clean and then periodic “quick cleans” when preparing for viewings.

Estate agents. Look in your local papers and at sales boards in your local area and make a list of the agents who clearly have a local presence. Invite each one to value your house. If you have a fast house sale in mind, inform them that this is the case, this might prevent the agent claiming they will get a high price simply to get your business. Ask them how many properties they have in the area and how many recent sales they have made. Ask what prices they have achieved. Remember, at this point a high valuation is not the goal, finding the right price and the right agent to get a fast sale is. Once you have decided which agent you will use the next issue is the fee they charge. In many cases this fee is negotiable however, remember the important thing to you is speed of sale and therefore make sure the agent has good reason to push your property. It’s possible that the lower the fee the lower the effort to find a buyer. Once you have chosen the agent you wish to use you will need to sign a contract with them. Read the contact and the small print very carefully, check that the terms agreed are stated and check that you are not signed to that agent for an excessive amount of time.

Viewings: Before the viewing make a note of the key selling points of your house (the agent can help you with these) and any relevant information that may persuade the buyer. Prepare the house buy making sure it is clean and tidy and free from clutter. Welcome the buyer and give them a brief description of the property. You can now either walk the buyer around your house or allow them to have a look by them selves, both options have advantages and disadvantages. If you accompany them you can point out the houses selling points as you go but the buyer may not feel they can have a thorough look with you near by. If you choose to allow the buyer to look by them selves simply mention the selling points before they leave. The agent should contact you with feedback and offers within 48 hours of the viewing, if this does not happen, call them and request an update.